Top Ski Resorts In Utah

In this article, we will review the top 5 ski resorts in Utah including the ever-so-popular Wasatch Mountains.

We will also include an overall summary of the skiing industry in Utah and which resorts are worth choosing for your next ski tour.

The Wasatch Mountains as a Ski Tourist’s Destination

When it comes to skiing, tourists looking for something new tend to visit Europe first before venturing out west. While this mindset is understandable, there really is no better choice for a ski vacation than the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

The biggest attraction of skiing here is that there are more than 25 ski resorts to choose from, so you can experience many different kinds of terrain such as deep powder and old-school snow resort skiing. With this diverse range of mountains to pick from, you will never grow tired of the ski resorts in Utah.

As for other benefits, you will save money on accommodation and food costs because most hotels and restaurants are much more affordable here compared to Europe where accommodation rates can cost up to 500 USD a night!

To get the full skiing experience, check out the following ski resorts below:

Alta Ski Resort (Top Of The Wasatch)  

– Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta Ski Resort is one of the oldest ski resorts in Utah with its first developments taking place as early as 1939.  This old-school destination offers you lots of powdery slopes perfect for deep snow exploration although it does fall short when it comes to beginner skiing lessons available.  

Canyons Village –  

This ski resort is located in the heart of Park City which allows you to experience the best of both worlds.  It primarily caters for beginners and intermediate skiers, with snowboarders being welcome as well if they prefer more mellow terrain.  

Snowbird Ski Resort –  

If you want a true bird’s eye view of your skiing experience, then this mountain resort is just right for you! It is set at an amazing 5,182 feet above sea level giving you great views over all its Baldy Bowls and powder runs. The downside? You need to be strong enough to hike up there first before getting on the slopes!

The other resorts that are worth checking out include Powder Mountain Ski Area located in Eden which is less than 2 hours away from Salt Lake City. Our friends over at Visit Utah have a list of every ski resort Utah has to offer.

Factor in a  Utah ski resort into your next vacation plans and you won’t be disappointed!

If you are a pro skier then I bet that you may already know what it feels like to get injured while skiing. But if you’re just an amateur, or someone who is trying the sport for the first time, chances are high that you do not know how to avoid getting injured while doing this activity.  It’s good that there are some tips and warnings out in the market which can help avid skiers be more aware of such scenarios when they happen.  This way, they can prevent any further damage from happening and prevent themselves from getting hurt.   However, even if these guidelines work well with advanced skiers, it doesn’t mean that beginners would also follow them as well.  

Brandon Hepner owner of Rock Run Physical Therapy in Roy Utah instructs skiers to make sure that their helmets don’t have a lot of cracks and other signs of damage.  Breather vents should be included in the helmet to keep it from fogging up so more awareness can also be increased while skiing.  He also recommends the use of special goggles and other safety gear to prevent the eyes from getting hurt as well.   Some recommendations he made were wearing high boots that won’t get stuck with ski edges, having soft gloves to ensure comfortability while holding poles, and finally long sleeve tops for protecting arms from coldness.

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