The hidden gem, known as Roy, Utah

The Best Places to Visit in Roy, Utah

Roy, Utah is the perfect place for any tourist. With Roy’s rich history and beautiful scenery, Roy will be a memorable experience that you will never forget! Roy has some of the best places to visit in Roy, which include: The Roy Canyon – where visitors can enjoy hiking or fishing; Smith Ridge Park – with its amazing views; and Roy’s Historic House Museum – showcasing the town’s past. If you’re looking for things to do while visiting Roy then this blog post will help you out!

Roy, Utah is a small town with lots of history

Roy, UT was established back in 1859 by Mormon settlers. Roy was named after a cottonwood tree that grew near the site of Roy’s Historic House Museum, which is now one of Roy’s most popular attractions for tourists. One hundred and fifty years later Roy still enjoys its small-town feel with an interesting history!

If you’re looking to enjoy nature while in Roy then The Roy Canyon is perfect for visitors who like hiking or fishing. Smith Ridge Park has amazing views from its high elevation where it often feels as if you are on top of the world looking out at miles upon miles of natural beauty!

Roy offers more than just beautiful scenery though; Roy also has some amazing historic features preserved so future generations will be able to learn about how people used to live back in the day before Roy became Roy, UT.

This place has many tourist attractions to explore

Hill Aerospace Museum

The Hill Aerospace Museum preserves some important milestones in aviation history and displays a variety of aircraft that have been used by various military branches over the years. The historic buildings on this site are also worth exploring as they serve as reminders of how life was back when Roy began its transition from being just an unincorporated town to becoming what it is today!

George E. Wahlen Park

This historical park is Roy’s only municipal park. Roy was a major station on the Union Pacific Railroad in 1871, and George E. Wahlen Park commemorates this by being Roy’s largest public space with plenty of green grass for picnics and recreation.

The 158-acre park has soccer fields, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, picnic tables, playgrounds and is also home to Roy City Pool which offers year-round swimming lessons as well as family swim nights during the summer months.”

Waterfall Canyon Trail

Another great attraction is the Waterfall Canyon Trail. Although, Roy is a small town and the Waterfall Canyon Trail is an easy, but spectacular hike. There are many other trails in Roy that will provide you with more of a challenge if desired.

Waterfall Canyon trail starts at Roy Pioneer Park near Roy High School on HWY 89/91 (map below). You can follow it for about 13 miles up to another part of the park which offers great views overlooking Clear Creek canyon. This is only one way though! If you’re looking for something shorter try going from Roy down to Smithfield under Highway 91 where there are access points along the creek or Valley View Drive between Roy and Huntsville. The point is: this place has lots of options so plan accordingly based on your ability levels.

Beus Canyon

When I visited Roy, Beus Canyon was one of the first places I headed to. Roy is a small town in central Utah, and if you’re passing through Roy on your way from Salt Lake City – it’s worth stopping by for an hour or so.

Beus Canyon has been open since 1909 as a public park with hiking trails that wind their way down past waterfalls, granite canyon walls, and pine forests. It was gorgeous!

The trailhead starts at Roy High School where there are parking lots, restrooms (bring tissues!), picnic tables, and benches available before heading out into nature on this moderate hike about two miles long each way). The whole thing took me just under three hours round-trip including breaks but still managed to cover nearly four miles total elevation gain/loss)

It’s also home to the world’s largest hand-dug well which measures 20 feet in diameter and 60 feet deep 

It is pretty incredible to see how deep the well goes. It measures 20 feet in diameter and 60 feet deep which is the tallest hand-dug well in Roy, Utah. The most anticipated moment of this journey was when we reached the bottom because that meant it would be time to get dirty!

The water filling up at our ankles felt refreshing on a hot summer day but once we saw how shallow it got as you go down and then found out what’s lurking beneath us all…we were not too eager to continue exploring past neck level haha. I couldn’t help but fill my lungs with some fresh air before submerging myself into murky darkness below me!

It also has one of Roy’s many charming gardens where flowers are always blooming so even if your visit to Roy isn’t during the spring or summer, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy Roy’s beauty.

The Roy town sign is always a welcoming sight after an adventurous day and it was so nice seeing how Roy has grown over the years as we made our way back into this small community that will never cease to amaze us! Brandon Hepner, Owner of Rock Run Physical Therapy, States “Roy is one of those small towns that you need to stop in, grab some lunch, go for a nice hike, and enjoy your stay!

If you’ve never been to Roy, Utah before and are looking for a new place to visit during any season of the year, I highly recommend visiting Rock Run Therapy. The views in this part of the country are spectacular! Whether you want skiing or golfing or hiking on your list of things to do while you’re here; we have it all covered. We’ve also got plenty of other activities that will keep your kids entertained too- so don’t forget about them when making plans for your next vacation. Make sure you call ahead because our calendar fills up fast with people who know how great it is living here!

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